We disrupting investments in Solar Tech

The Solar Family is a solution for investment management on the rapidly growing solar tech market. It is based on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model where members are in control of decision-making and financial flows.

During last five years our team built three successful solar plants investment projects in Spain. The volume of investments amounted to 2.3 mln euro. Now our goal is to apply our experience to solar tech market. For this purpose we have a team with great experience, background of successful projects and solid plan for operation on this market.

We work on a rapidly growing market

The solar energy sector is skyrocketing last years.

The worldwide solar generation is estimated to triple in the next five years.

The EU directive with goal to achieve a 27% share of renewable energy in the EU by 2030 was passed in 2018. Government initiated benefits such as tax reliefs, subsidies and other preferences for start-ups and companies operating on this market.

We will apply our experience in the EU market and the benefits associated with the directive to achieve the goals of the Solar Family.

Growing Market

Our experience

Solar Family has already built several solar plants in Spain which are represented by three successful companies - FORMIGAL SOLAR S.L., ANASSOL ENERGY S.L., SOLUCY TERMINAL SOLAR S.L.

€ 321,400 Invested
  • 2018
  • 108 kw
  • 11% annual ROI
€ 1,030,000 Invested
  • 2018
  • 1200 kw
  • 8% annual ROI
€ 895,400 Invested
  • 2015
  • 205 kw
  • 11% annual ROI
Total Investments
€ 2,396,809
Revenue per year
€ 300,738
Net profit Per Year
€ 161,907

We already successfully launched a project with capital of 2,246,800 €. Now we starting the Solar Family fund, aimed on investments in solar tech market (service companies for solar energy sector). Such companies have much higher ROI and potential to scaling and growth of capitalization. We selected a DAO model for decision making as transparency and funds protection are our priority.

We will help companies with our expertise, possibility to instantly integrate their services with our solar plans (hypothesis testing, piloting).

Infrastructure market estimated to grow x3, service market significantly more. Our business model - investments and consulting companies in following sectors:

Now our goal is to apply our experience to the solar tech market. For this purpose, we have a team with great experience, the background of successful projects and a solid plan for operation on this market.

Solar Family disrupts rapidly growing SolarTech startup market by implementing transparent DAO model in which members completely control financial flows.

We will help companies with our expertise, possibility to instantly integrate their services with our solar plans (hypothesis testing, piloting).

Infrastructure market estimated to grow x3, service market significantly more. Our business model - investments and consulting companies in following sectors:

How it works?


Alisher Shukurov
CEO, Solar Family
Solar energy market prospects
Manuel Vicente Lavilla
Business development
How to build a successful business in the field of renewable energy
Ignacio Alonso Lopez / Juan Manuel Vega Zambrano
Technical Director / Responsable O&M
Safety of solar stations”, “The lifetime of the panels in the solar plant
Alisher Shukurov
CEO, Solar Family
Solar energy market prospects
Manuel Vicente Lavilla
Business development
How to build a successful business in the field of renewable energy
Ignacio Alonso Lopez Juan Manuel Vega Zambrano
Technical Director / Responsable O&M
"Safety of solar stations", "The lifetime of the panels in the solar plant"


Manuel Vicente Lavilla
Leading partner of the Solar family
Entrepreneur with extensive experience in various sectors and activities, focused the last 20 years in the energy sector, founding and managing enterprises that cover the full cycle of photovoltaic enterprises.
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Ignacio Alonso López
Technical Director
25-year professional career in the field of nuclear and photovoltaic energy. He has developed thermal and nuclear power plant start-up works as a photovoltaic specialist since 2009 in South America and Spain.
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Juan Manuel Vega Zambrano
Responsable O&M
Industrial technical engineer and master in engineering and management. Multidisciplinary and versatile, with extensive experience in construction and electrical installations, managing large working equipment.
Read more
Alisher Shukurov
Entrepreneur since 2002, author of the idea and founder of the Solar Family. Extensive experience in starting a business from scratch, excellent skills in building a professional team for specific projects.
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Maria Melgares
International Project Manager
Experienced international project manager with many years of experience in various industries, including the photovoltaic industry.
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Yana Semenyaka
Senior Lawyer
Legal support of international projects, M&A transactions and investment projects, management of international contracts.
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Ilya Sdobnov
Главный проект-менеджер Solar Family.
Chief Project Manager of Solar Family. Over 8 years of marketing experience. Founder of Smart Kit, Russia. Successful promotion of projects in the field of digital technology and in the real sector.
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Ilya Gorlachev
Knowledge of laws, conducting transactions in financial markets, negotiating, presentations, conferences. FSFR 1.0, FSFR 2.0 and FSFR 5.0 certificates. He worked for Barclays and Fibo Group, was involved in opening and developing the AML PLS office in Costa Rica.
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Dmitry Kuznetsov
Support of the project and business negotiations aimed at promoting the project through mass media.
Building a business reputation online Preparation of analytical and reporting data.
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Madina Hooke
Business Development Director
More than 10 years of experience in developing and building businesses. She worked for a number of companies such as Groupon, and had her own businesses.
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Nika Berrington
SMM/Content Manager
She participated in 15 projects, including such major projects as EVEN Foundation, Sharpay, Neironix), and successfully closed three crowdsales with several million dollars raised in total.
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Lukasz Lisowski
Lead Developer
Lukaz graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with a master's degree. For five years he worked in SAP—one of the largest companies in Germany in the field of SOFTWARE development, in the role of chief information officer.
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Chou Zian
Front-End Developer
Chu finished Jujian University of Technology. While studying at the University, he freelanced, participating in the development of SOFTWARE for many projects. After graduation, he was invited to work at a large Chinese technology company Baidu, where he worked for three years as a JAVA software developer.
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Zhong Lingxin
Back-End Developer
Jong's main areas of work Are Back-end software development and securing large data sets. Zhong graduated from Hebei University of Technology with a master's degree.
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David Mirtskhulava
Doctor of Technical Sciences with immense experience in Hydro and other Clean Energy Development projects. Mr David has been associated with various strategic agencies in different capacities - Director of Centre of Monitoring and Diagnostic of Hydro energy structures of Georgia, former Minister of Fuel and Energy of Georgia, former Head of National Energy Regulatory Commission, Head of Geographical Division of (Caucasus, Turkey and Middle East) He has authored more than 100 scientific publications. Provides professional support to the Solar Family project.
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Retired Executive Director Projects from Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd. (SJVNL) with more than 38 years of domain expertise across all levels and areas in the Hydel Sector. He has Concept to Commissioning to Generation experience of Major Hydro and Energy Projects in India. Provides professional support to the Solar Family project.
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Q4 2019
  • IEO on Livecoin
    The IEO will start on 18 December 2019. The softcap for the tokensale is 200,000 USD, the hardcap is at 490,000 USD.
  • Legal registration of the DAO
Q1 2020
  • Release of the mainnet version of the DAO. At this stage, we will complete the development of the DAO and user interface, which was started earlier and is now in the MVP stage (link to MVP).
  • Launch of the DAO
  • Training the DAO investors with a purpose to fully engage them with the community and the investment process
  • Start trading SOF tokens on Livecoin exchange at February 1st
  • Transfer of all funds collected during the IEO to the DAO budget (except development costs)
  • Initiation of official partnerships with renewable energy accelerators working in the EU to select the most promising projects
  • Organization of Solar Family meetups to attract people who want to join our organization and invest in solar energy through DAO
Q2 2020
  • Participation in conferences focused on solar energy, startup battles and meetups on Solar tech in Spain, Germany, Malta, Vietnam, Singapore to increase the number of partners and community of the project
  • Negotiations with institutional investors for a joint round of investments in Dao portfolio projects to increase the capitalization of the project
  • Conducting the first round of DAO investments in solar tech projects selected by a narrow quorum and approved by the DAO voting
  • Mentoring portfolio startups most interesting to the DAO community
  • Creating guides together with our experts aimed at support own projects of our investors and selling the DAO expertise to third parties (other companies and startups)
Q3 2020
  • Connecting startup services/products to our stations and/or other infrastructure players of the solar energy market for the purpose of hypothesis testing and first sales (there are arrangements already)
  • Collecting and the first results of portfolio companies and conducting their analysis
  • Sign negotiations with Clean Energy Accelerator to start operations on the South American market
Q4 2020
  • Creation of the report on the work of the organization in 2020 and its demonstration to all DAO members . Summarizing the work of experts, portfolio companies and the DAO itself
  • Getting started with solar tech projects in Asia with Clean Energy Accelerator
Q1 2021
  • The annual audit activities of the company by the licensed EU auditor
  • Promotion and implementation of portfolio startup services at the EU market based on the experience gained during 2020
  • Attracting new rounds of investment in portfolio startups, including from third-party investors and funds
Q2 2021
  • Decision-making on further operations with projects (exit with profit-taking if approved by the DAO community, if it did not happen earlier, further development, reinvestment)
  • Conclusion of an agreement to enter the US market together with Powerhouse and a number of other accelerators in order to select promising projects
  • A new round of project selection for next investments
Q3 2021
  • Continued work with ongoing projects: scaling their business models on the EU market and exporting to the markets of South America
  • Conducting investment rounds in new projects
Q4 2021
  • Building further plans to scale the project together with the DAO community to implement new investment projects



Dear clients, Solar Family IEO will start on 18 December. The IEO end date is 30 December. During the IEO, the tokens can only be purchased. The unsold tokens would remain for the next funding rounds. The trading and withdrawal of SOF will start on 1 February 2020. The deposit of tokens will be opened Read More

Why We Have Chosen Aragon For Solar Family
Why We Have Chosen Aragon For Solar Family

AtSolar Family we have chosen Aragon as a platform for our DAO for a number of reasons: high interoperability with WEB 3.0, full stack sovereignty with no censorship, upgradeability for new applications and functions. Aragon was built as an ultimate tool for creating and running decentralised human collaboration in the form of companies, communities, non-profit Read More

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  • About Project
  • About IEO and Tokens
  • For Investors
What is a DAO?

The abbreviation DAO is revealed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is an organization governed by its members and existing in a decentralized network. The rules of DAO operation are guaranteed by its source code. Drawing an analogy, any DAO looks like a cooperative organization that is transparent and significantly protected from fraud and misuse of funds.

Why have you chosen a DAO model for your project?

We have chosen the DAO model for funds management as transparency and protection of investors are our main goals. In our project DAO as a form of organization is not an end in itself but only a tool.

Where are your executed solar energy projects located?

Our solar plants are operating in Spain.

Why have you chosen Spain?

Spain is one of the EU leaders in the field of solar energy. This is conditioned by the climate and the number of Sunny days. In addition, the Ministry of energy of Spain actively supports the development of the solar energy industry.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are traditional VC and investment funds in the solar energy sector.

What are your competetive advantages?

Unlike traditional investment funds and VC, we have a low entry barrier, easy in/out and very high level of transparency. Besides, our investors can influence directly on the decisions of the organization.

What rights have the token holders?

The SOF token holders can vote on general DAO questions and share profits. The SOR token holders make investment decisions and get additional rewards for that.

Will you conduct an IEO for your project?

Yes, IEO will take place from 18 to 30 Dec 2019.

How much are your softcap and hardcap?

Softcap is $200,000; Hardcap is $490,000.

Why have you decided to make an IEO?

An IEO is a good opportunity to create an idependent communitiy and start up a decentralized organization.

How can I get SOR tokens?

You can get SOR tokens by staking SOF tokens.

Why do you use two tokens in your token model?

We use two tokens in our model as we have two levels of membership and functions in our DAO:

      Basic level of membership - SOF token holders, making decisions regarding the general DAO questions
      Reputable membership - people who make operational decisions. Using two tokens we distinguish these functions logically and economically
When will you get the first profits?

Investing in Solar Family DAO members have a number of opportunities to make a profit. DAO revenues are either reinvested or distributed as rewards to members of the organization. At the same time, as the number of DAO members and those wishing to join it grows, the demand for SOF tokens will grow, which will help investors make a profit.

As the investment returns and the number of DAO members and those wishing to join it grows, the demand for the Sof token will grow. In this case, the amount of SOF will be constantly reduced by burning. Given that the listing on Litecoin is scheduled from February 1, 2019, ISO Solar Family members will be able to sell their SOF tokens upon their desire to leave the organization. When selling tokens, a member of the organization will fix the difference in the value of the token and thus fix their profit. The opportunity to Deposit tokens will be open starting from April 1. We remind you that the laws of many countries prohibit the issuance of utility tokens with guaranteed returns.

How many tokens do I need to participate in voting?

Any token holder can participate in voting.

Where will you find projects for investments?

We are focusing on EU countries. For this purpose, we will use our experience and network that we built in the last 5 years and partnerships with accelerators and VC/funds from the solar tech market.

How are you going to use funds attracted via IEO?

All collected funds will be deposited on the DAO wallet address besides development costs.

What is a minimal sum of investment?

The minimum purchase amount is 100 tokens or just $0.7.

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